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Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka, alias LchroniCle, was born in the middle 80s to his humble parents, Mr. & Mrs. Chukwuemeka, from Anambra State in the Eastern part of Nigeria, West Africa. He is a versatile and a prolific Afro/Pop recording performing artist, a song writer, vocalist with deep sense of focus and passionate for the Entertainment Monarch. Reside in Lagos Nigeria. He started his movement right from the womb and this propels him in writing his own songs single handedly with every greatness and challenges after leaving a music group called “After'Et” in 2007, this group captivated many true music lovers with their soulful track, “Life is good” but due to financial constraints and music politics on the up-coming artists in general they ended up not having much prominence.

He then took off to Northern Asia, Shanghai" from where he stands out for better spectator in Nigeria Music Industry and he is doing it with his booming Chinese track in Asia "Ni de ai (Your love)"in Asia. Since then, that idea has been so cool for him. In his own words, " I can now see the African Music Industry for real, it's not Yankees, and we are Oriental'"... The music name "LchroniCle" was coined from his life story. His music sense portrays his actual life; how the struggle of living has been, his family and the realities of life in his environment. His quotes” A fall is a rise, let not down your positive Flag for no good thing comes easy”.

Evolved from his pain is an enormous LchroniCle’s upcoming album, ‘‘Chronicle Of Lc’’ that is still on packaging with the sold-out track "Nakupenda Wewe", a burning flame in Nigerian music Industry and East Africa as a whole. Produced in Nigeria by Geamat, and shot in Tanzania with the direction of MEGA-FORCE PICTURES. Nakupenda Wewe is an East African language Swahili which means “I love you”. And it shows that love got no boundary.

To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This global law of motion implies to every successful artist. The LchroniCle’s style and musical lyrics are represented in the actions he undertake in correspondence to the chronicles of his past, which can be deduced mainly in his solo efforts in his other promotional tracks Gbowo and Dj dey kill .
The talented poet, singer came from a very strong Christian home and both parents happen to be ministers in the vineyard of God. His musical career has been masked by many ups and downs out of which he remained strong, surviving as L.C an acronym for "LchroniCle"


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